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Experiment Sharing: How To Balance Centrifuge Samples?

In the process of using a centrifuge, balancing the sample is the key to ensure the normal operation of the centrifuge and protecting the rotor. Balancing means to reduce or eliminate imbalance or vibrations during centrifugation. Right balancing method will optimize stability, reduce vibration and noise of the centrifuge.

 How to balance centrifuge samples

Most of the centrifuge in the market have automatic balance, but tolerance should within the limit. Normally tolerance is within few grams. Imbalance will cause violent vibration.

Balancing of Angle Rotor

Balancing of Angle Rotor

The working principle of the centrifuge is to produce a centrifuge force by rotation, so it is necessary to ensure that the position of the centrifuge tube is centrally symmetrical. Symmetrical placing will gurantee even distribution of centrifugation forces. Balancing of fixed angle rotor is carried out in accordance with the law of central symmetry, including 2x balancing, 3x balancing, and 2+3 combined balancing.

Balancing of Angle Rotor (2)


Make sure each groups of centrifuge tubes’ weights are same and place symmetrically during operation. In case of one single tube left, so take another tube whose materail and size should be same as above tubes and sample density should also be similar.

Swing Rotor

Swing rotor shall consider tubes balancing in each bucket and also tubes in opposite buckets. The gravity of each bucket should be in the center when placing tubes in the bucket. Centrifuge tubes in axial symmetry should be focus on the first bucket. Please follow the center symmetry principles.

Tips on balancing

● Choose right centrifuge tubes which is leakage-proof.

● Centrifuge must be put on level bench.

● Sample volume in each centrifuge tube must be same.

● Check rotor strictly before balancing and make sure rotor is fixed tightly and test rotor balancing.

● Test balancing again after balancing the centrifuge and then go ahead with further work.

Balancing centrifuge samples is an important step to use centrifuge safely. Please follow user manual and follow balancing principles strictly during operation to protect centrifuge and sample integrity.

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