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Incubator Shaker- Good Choice For Adherent Cell Culture

Adherent cells must have a supporting surface that they can attach to. Cell relies on the adhesion factors secreted by themselves or from the medium to grow and multiply on that surface. Two morphologies are generally formed on the surface, fibroblasts or epithelioid cells.

Adherent Cell

The incubator shaker is one of the most important equipment for adherent cell culture which provides constant temperature, humidity and gas environment to provide the most ideal growth environment for adherent cells.

Incubator Shaker

Common Types Of Adherent Cells:

Single layer epithelial cells or multilayer (tumor cells, fibroblasts)

Invertebrate cells, bone marrow cells, most blood cells.

Cell Culture Container:

Cell culture Dish

Cell culture flask

6 well, 12 well, 24 well plates

Cell Culture

Incubating Condition:

Temperature:28℃or 37℃

CO₂ Concentration:5% or 8%

Humidity:Above 90% (passive humidity)

Cell Culture

Suitable Models for Adherent Cells:

All shaker incubators with CO₂ controller can be used for adherent cell culture. Our models are WIS1900MC、WIS1905MC、WIS2500C、WIS2505C、WIS3000C、WIS3005C etc..

Incubator Shaker with CO₂

What Parameters We Need To Choose The Most Suitable Model?

Incubator Size:If there is space limit

Orbit:26mm or 50mm

Volume:How many bottles/flask or other containers to put on the platform

Accessories:Shaker incubator have different clamps, please inquiry account manager for special requirements.


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