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Incubator Shaker

WIS1900M Stackable Incubator Shaker
WIS1900 Incubator Shaker is integrally molded using polymer-compatible materials, which feature lighter weight, higher temperature uniformity, better cooling capacity, looser internal height, and lower energy consumption. The outer shell is made of light but strong material, so the total weight is only 200kg, which is far lower than the traditional weight. For floors with a load of 500 kg, two units can be stacked with confidence.

product details

Stackable Incubator Shaker can cultivate bacteria, fermentation, and cell tissue at an intelligent and constant temperature. It plays an important role in the fields of medicine, biology, molecular science, etc. The WIS1900M has a streamlined appearance and can be placed on the floor in a single layer, or double or triple layers. When used in combination, experimenters can easily operate. It adopts variable frequency refrigeration technology, with a wider temperature control range of -18°C to 60°C below room temperature (minimum 4°C). It has two-way UV lamp sterilization and the inner cavity can be flushed with high pressure. It is currently the best solution for major laboratories.

Stackable Up To 3 Units

Users can purchase either one, two or three units which can be stacked directly on the floor. For one or two units, it is highly recommended to stack on the floor stand provided by Welso.

WIS1900M Stackable Incubator Shaker

Data Storage

Welso incubator shakers record temperature, speed, concentration and humidity every minute. Users can check all records in 7 days. Or users can export 2.5 years data for future reference.

WIS1900M Stackable Incubator Shaker


•Stable and reliable 3-axis balance system for long service life.

•7" high resolution LCD touch screen with simultaneous display of all parameters.

•Magnetic drive motor for stable and reliable shaking with low maintenance.

•Stackable up to 3 units. Single and double units can be supplied with stand.

•Side opening FOR easy operation.

•Complies with GMP requirements and FDA CFR 21 PART 11 for traceability.

•Program mode allows the user to set up to 12 temperature and speed segments.

•Slide-out platform for easy cleaning and accessibility of samples.

•Optional WiFi monitoring system allows remote control to ensure safety. 

•Bi-directional ultraviolet sterilization.


ModelWIS1900M WIS1900MCWIS1905MWIS1905MC
Product NameStackable Incubator Shaker,Touch ScreenStackable Incubator Shaker With CO₂ Controller, Touch Screen Stackable Incubator Shaker,Touch Screen, Shaker Diameter 50mm Stackable Incubator Shaker With CO₂  Controller, Touch Screen, Shaker Diameter 50mm
Orbit Diameter26mm

Speed0 (stop), 30 - 300 rpm
Speed Accuracy±1rpm
CO₂ Control RangeNA0-20%NA0-20%
CO₂ Control AccuracyNA±0.1%NA±0.1%
Recover Time After Open Door 30s on Temp≤6min(@37℃)
Recover Time After Open Door 30s on CO₂NA≤6min(@5%)NA≤6min(@5%)
Temp.RangeRoom Temp.Minus 18℃~60℃(lowest Temp. is 4℃) 
Heating Power≤450w
Cooling Power70~230w
Humidity TypeNAEvapor NaturallyNAEvapor Naturally
Platform Dimensions550*470mm
Magnetic DriverYes
Programmable Segments12m Segments
IlluminationLED Lamps on Left and Right Walls
DisinfectionUV Lamps on Left and Right Walls
Door Open DirectionLeftward
Protect Set ParametersPasswords Protect 
Data DisplayTemp, SpeedTemp, Speed CO₂, RHTemp, SpeedTemp, Speed, CO₂, RH
Display7" Color Capacitance Touch Screen
USB Export DataYes
Data Display on InterfaceIn 7 Days
Operating Data Storage CycleMore  Than 912 Days
Data Storage Interval1min
Data StoredTime, Temp, Speed, StatusTime, Temp, Speed, Status, CO₂  RHTime, Temp, Speed, Status Time, Temp, Speed, Status, CO₂, RH
Auto Screen OffYes
Auto Screen LockYes
Third Platform Height1315mm
Platform with RailsYes
Noise Level≤55dB(When Compressor Is Running)
Water ResistantYes
Auto-Run After Power RecoveryYes
Drive TypeMagnetic Driver
Auto-run after Power RecoveryYes
Power SupplyAC 220V±22V, 50Hz/60Hz
RH ControlNA
Optional(10% Above Ambient Humidity, Up To 90%)NAOptional(10% Above Ambient Humidity, Up To 90%)
Mobile Monitor and Control by WIFIOptional 
PC monitor and Control by RS485Optional 
Window CoverOptional 
Net Weight170kg
Internal Working Height305mm
External Dimensions970*780(530+80 Feet High)mm

Stack Dimensions 

WIS1900M Stackable Incubator Shaker

WIS1900M Stackable Incubator Shaker

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